Aisyah's Essential (after bath)

By AREEN HANIF - February 27, 2018

Today im going to share with you few of Aisyah's essential after bath. 
After bath is my personal favorite moment with her as i could treat her extra manja from naik mandi sampai la nak boleh ke pakai baju

So right after she finished her bath, there are few steps wajib i buat before pakai kan baju dia.
Firstly i akan sapu Minyak Yu Yee around her perut and tapak kaki.
Since the day she was born till now, i tak pernah skip this step.
Minyak ni bagus to prevent kembung. Tapi jangan sapu banyak sangat k, nanti baby panas sangat.

Secondly, Sebamed Baby Cream.
This cream has a think consistency, therefore i only use it around her nappy area to avoid nappy rash
So far alhamdulilah, even peha Aisyah tebal pun, dia tak pernah ada nappy rash
You can buy this cream basically everywhere yang ada jual barang baby.
I bought mine from Watson.

Thirdly, Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion.
I started using this lotion when Aisyah developed rashes and dryness around her mouth and cheeks area due to milk
I stress tengok pipi dia sebab dh lap guna wet tissues pun tak jalan. 
so i pun beli this lotion since it can be used at her face as well
and alhamdulilah, her skin improve tremendously after few application
 So wajib lepas mandi i sapu this cream all over her body dengan niat kulit anak ku selembut sutera lols.

Fourthly, Agnesia Anti Bacteria Powder
This powder my SIL yang suggest kan i guna since Aisyah developed redness, rashes and tiny bumps around her neck area.
Before this, i dah try macam2 jenis powder but satu pum tak effective.
but since i guna powder ni, her rashes all gone and never come back.
Yassss. Rasa macam happy gile kot.
But be careful when you apply this powder, jangan sampai termasuk mulut baby k.

5th, Sunflower Massage Oil 
Sorry gambar sunflower massage oil ni tak ada dalam gambar.
But i extremely love this massage oil.
Since its a water based oil, so it absorb super fast into your baby skin.
and not only that, this massage oil wangi sangatttt.
It does not make the skin all greasy n sticky which i really hate when touch my baby skin.
I start guna massage oil ni since Aisyah still a newborn, in which lepas mandi i akan massage her whole body untuk elakkan kembung and i even used this oil for her hair.
Sunflower Massage Oil

Other stuffs yang basic like comb and nail clipper.
and oh, the tissue wipes yang i guna is from KMOM.
Its a Korean brand and sangat sesuai nak guna for baby as it fragrance free and free from any other harmful compounds.
Nak guna dekat muka baby pun boleh like me.
I guna nak lap excess susu lepas Aisyah menyusu to avoid any rashes.

So thats conclude all the products i used for Aisyah.
Products which i think work best for my daughter.
Perhaps you guys can share other great product y berkesan for your baby as well
Feel free to drop some suggestion in the comment section k.


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