Friso Gold Campaign : Growing Up Together, Naturally

By AREEN HANIF - October 07, 2019

Hi, guys, after a long hiatus, im back today to share with you guys my incredible journey with
Friso Gold.

First of all, i just want to say that im super proud and honored to be part of this campaign with Friso Gold. Let me just get that part out of my chest shall we. Heee

So, for the past few wonderful months, i have agreed to be part of this amazing campaign with Friso Gold. The campaign theme is, 

"Growing Up Together, Naturally"

The objective of this campaign is simply to advocate natural parenting and mum-child concept of growing up together, naturally focusing on how mothers grow as well, together with their child through shared experience.

From what i learn through my journey in this campaign is that motherhood is a journey filled with joy, inspiration, bonding, development, shared experiences and shared discovery and self discovery.
It teaches me that such a simple activity can make your binding with your child become stronger and meaningful.

In this campaign we are required to conduct few challenge activities. All of these activities encourage mother out there to bond with our child through simple activity that can be easily done at home despite being a working mother like myself.

Aisyah with her favorite animal, cat!!
From this picture we can see clearly how innocent a child can be around animal.
I love seeing her interaction with cat, she tried to converse and pat the cat.
I can see her joy around cat and it makes me so happy as a mother.

Picture above showing me and Aisyah with out little pancake.
 In this challenge, we are required to make a pancake together and we had such a messy, fun bonding moments together. The end result is just ok but the fun we had together here is what matter. That is the whole objective from this campaign.

Here is Aisyah with her city cupboard challenge.
Clearly Aisyah is not getting the instruction as the city is completely turn into something else.
Oh boy, what can we do when a child is too excited to scramble onto a clear board.
But i love seeing her being imaginative, creative and stimulate imaginative play when doing this kind of activity.

This conclude all my share throughout my journey in natural parenting with Friso Fold.
Despite the campaign has come to an end, but i pledge not to stop my natural parenting journey with Aisyah here.
I have got so many ideas on what to do next with my daughter thanks to Friso Gold.
Till next time guys.

Love ya.

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